Top 5 Active Flip Flops

Top 5 Active Flip Flops

Few items of footwear can span the gamut from idle to active as well as the flip flop can. Flip flops have a well-earned reputation as leisurewear however there are many active options out there as well. For those of you looking to get out there and sweat, climb, and dash about we’ve compiled this list of the Top 5 Active flip flops that are there for you from the hammock to the trail. So, get out there and Do Life Right – Flip Flop Daily

Top 5 Active Flip Flops

1. Hari Mari Piers

2. Sanuk Land Shark

3. The North Face Basecamp

4. Hari Mari Women's Dunes II

5. Chaco Waypoint Cloud



This finalist for Flip Flop Daily’s 2019 Flip Flop Of The Year Award are there for you from surf to turf. Made of a wonderfully soft and water friendly leather, the Piers will provide solid footing and for most water-based activities.


These are a departure for Sanuk, rugged, durable and incredibly comfortable. Beach side, city wide and along the trail the land shark is up to the task. Their tire rubber soles provide durable and sustainable traction all journey long.


These unassuming little gems are every bit as durable, active and up to the task as are most things The North Face makes. Light as air, yet durable, these eager flips are there for you when you’re looking for adventure.


Hari Mari has achieved the impossible by improving their already perfect Dunes line of flip flops. Stylish, comfortable and well made, the Dunes II can handle most of what life throws your way such as unexpected sprints in the market.


These Northwest friendly and 2018 Flip Flop Of The Year Award Finalists are perfect for the cool, wet trails of the Pacific Northwest, whether scaling the countless Cascade Mountain trails or lounging on a rocky Pacific beach.