TOP 5 COMFORT Flip Flops

TOP 5 COMFORT Flip Flops

Comfort is both the reason for the popularity and disdain of flip flops. Placing comfort above all other attributes is a very slippery and socially isolating slope. This is why we place it last among our list of flip flop criteria. While important it should not be the only consideration when selecting flip flops for most of us. The following list of the Top 5 Comfort flip flops will serve to illustrate why placing comfort above all else could be an issue. That said, sometimes comfort is all we’re looking for so – Do Life Right – Flip Flop Daily.

Top 5 Comfort Flip Flops

1. Crocs

2. Skechers

3. Reef Voyage

4. Sanuk Sidewalker

5. NewDenber (NDB)



This finalist for Flip Flop Daily’s 2018 Flip Flop Of The Year Award is a cautionary tale of placing comfort above all else. These addictively comfortable flip flops are the synthetic equivalent of fentanyl, destroying nearly as many social lives.


Shameless isn’t a word that we use lightly here at Flip Flop Daily, but it is the best way to describe these comfort first, big-man’s flip flops. They are comfortable and that is where the list ends.


Unlike the typically overly cushy and stylishly dead comfort flip flops on this list. The Reef Voyage’s comfort is like coming home. Comfortable, cozy and warm they hold a special place in the heart of the Flip Flop Life.


It’s hard to describe the simple and unabashed comfort these flips flops bring with them. They’re wide, light and soft with a rugged tread up for long walks. Best at home pool-side they Sidewalker is comfort.


No nonsense synthetic comfort. They’re the equivalent of the tech guy who can’t be bothered to come his hair each morning or dress in a way that requires any fashion thought. Comfort reigns here.