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I Come From A Land Down Under – The UGG Seaside Flip

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UGG, the company that made the caveman boot fashionable, has taken on the flip flop and now offers an ample selection of styles to choose from. But there was only one choice for me.

The UGG “Seaside Flip” with cork footbed – yes, that kind of cork. I had to try them out.

The flips arrived on my doorstep in a very tasteful brown box marked with the world famous UGG logo.

The flip flops were nestled inside, wrapped in white tissue paper.

Wow, these are some great looking flip flops.

Wow, these are some great looking flip flops. The alluring cork footbed, the UGG logo surrounded by a sunburst printed tastefully on the heel, the super-supple strap made of an incredibly soft leather all work hand in hand to create a very comfortable flip flop.

My foot is cradled between the soft leather thong and the cork footbed which is both soft but firm; as a friendly Aussie drill Sergeant. It makes no sense but seems to work for them, like Vegemite.

These flip flops have the sexy cool confidence of a sun-soaked Australian lifeguard scanning the surf for Great Whites while beachgoers frolic in the waves knowing they’re safe so long as that lifeguard is on duty.

Much like that lifeguard, these flip flops show up anywhere and fit right in. Other flip flops want to be these flip flops.

Sadly, it’s not all Golden Wattles and Kangaroos.

The Seaside Flip has a serious and unfortunate toe curl issue.

The gap from supple soft thong to cork footbed is too great for my narrow feet.

This forces the toes to curl, much like a Kookaburra perched in the old gum tree, to keep the flip flop on.

The Ugg Seaside Flips are strong contenders for 2018 flip flops of the summer.

The Ugg Seaside Flips are strong contenders for 2018 flip flops of the summer. They are made for summer and would make the perfect footware for strolling through the vineyards of an Aussie winery.

Even their treads, made up of hundreds of tiny suns, leave a trail of sunshine in their wake.

Apart from the toe curl issue (which is a big issue) these are great flip flops and proof that UGG is proceeding very nicely along history’s arc toward footwear progress and perfection.

Flip Flop Verdict

icon review overall performance

Overall Performance — 3.7 out of 5

icon review occasion


Made for winery tours and other mildly posh excursions

icon review fit

Fit – 2.5

Toe curl is a serious issue

icon review style

Style – 5

Other flip flops want to be these flip flops

icon review traction

Traction – 4

Leaves a little trail of sunshine

icon review comfort

Comfort – 4

Cork footbed + soft leather thong = a great start

icon review dudeness

Dudeness – 3

No worries but a bit too posh

Beverage & Music Pairing

icon review music

2011 “The Struie” Shiraz by Torbreck Winery

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