Three Things To Do On Christmas Day

Three Things To Do On Christmas Day

Christmas Day is a big occasion that we look forward to each year. It’s the time when families and friends get together after a long year of busyness and being away from each other. Though this year is different because not everyone can come home, you don’t have to abandon your Christmas traditions. By taking advantage of technology and adding a bit of creativity can help you continue your family customs virtually. You can even spice things up a bit or who knows, maybe you will discover new traditions you can keep doing in the years to come.

Flip Flop Daily has a list of suggestions for activities you can try this year or draw inspirations from for a unique, extra special, and fun Christmas Day.

Play virtual games

1. Play virtual games

No matter where you are in the world, you can still bond as a family. Play old time favorites like charades, bingo, Pictionary, and Uno during your video call. Anyone in the family can join the fun with these easy and familiar games. More games are now available via web apps to help spice up your party.

One thing in common

2. One thing in common

Wear the same Christmas sweater, prepare the same food for dinner, or decide on a favorite drink that everyone will have this year and have a virtual toast. These small fun things let you share a moment even when you are not physically together. Flip Flop Daily prepared a list of 6 Holiday Spirits and Tunes you may want to share with your family this season.

Open Gifts

3. Play virtual games

Have your gifts delivered in advance and open them together virtually on Christmas Day. You can still take turns through video call and share what you got for Christmas. Out of gift ideas? Or too busy to shop? We can help you with that. Flip Flop Daily started a Christmas list of flip flops that you can send to your loved ones. No better gift conveys the message of love, happiness, and hope of the warmer days to come than a pair of flip flops.

Whatever you decide to do in celebration of Christmas, Do Life Right. We say holidays are better in flip flops. Make the most of staying indoors. Put on your favorite pair of flip flops, prepare yourself a drink, and gather everyone in the house for a video call with family and friends. Don’t forget to share this love and warmth with them – send flip flops.

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