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The Next Big Thing

Flip Flop Daily is proud to announce a new and groundbreaking partnership with the world’s leading toe shoe manufacturer, Sho-cks.

They’ve revolutionized the worlds of fashion and footwear by combining the sock, shoe, and glove. 

Vogue’s fashion and technology editor, Priscilla Flaneur, described them this way; “An entirely new and breathtakingly innovative ambulatory device that is every bit as practical as it is fashionable. It is what we in the industry call, the cobbler’s Holy Grail.  

Trend makers believe that with the right partnership, Sho-cks is poised to be “the” fashion item this spring.

The potential is so great that it is said that they could surpass the moon boot of the 1980’s, the flannel shirt of the 1990’s, the iPod of the early 2000’s, and Pokémon Go of recent memory: Combined. 

“Honestly, I haven’t seen this kind of frenzied potential since the early days of bit-coin.” Said Nigel Poppins, innovation and finance editor of London’s Financial Times. “The key will be the partnership.

They still need that one thing to push it over the top. What is that one thing?” he continued, “Well, that’s the billion-dollar question.” 

Enter Flip Flop Daily. The Flip Flop Life experts, whose empire is built upon helping the world Do Life Right, seem to have found it. 

Flip & Flop, Flip Flop Daily’s Chief Dudes, said: 

 “The Sho-cks are revolutionary. No question about it. The world’s been craving an integrated shoe/sock design with glove like fit that allows each toe to flex and perform independently for generations. We’ve just not had the tech to make it into a practical and affordable footwear reality. But now that Sho-cks has broken that barrier we knew that we could soar to new heights.” 

The new heights that the Chief Dudes envisioned is nothing short of brilliant.

“Imagine the performance, fashion-abilityand comfort of the Sho-cks combined with a flip flop.” Said Flop 

Industry reaction has been nothing short of atomic. “Genius. Pure Genius.” Said Womens Wear Daily technology and fashion editor Victoria Silenda.

“This is the most innovative and disruptive product since the fanny packs transformation into the fashionable belt bag.” Added Jared Stultus, innovation editor at GQ magazine. 

Flip Flop Daily is finalizing a partnership agreement with Dallas based Hari Mari and recipient of Flip Flop Daily’s 2018 Flip Flop of The Year Award

Sources say the partnership will leverage Flip Flop Daily’s Flip Flop Life expertise and Hari Mari’s design excellence to create a co-branded flip flop designed specificallyto be worn with Sho-cks. Hari Mari spokesperson Michelle Polf said; 

These will be the best flip flops we’ve ever created. There will be no obstacle too great, no beach too long, and no pool side bar too slippery for them to handle. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone summits Everest in them.”  

Is this aallusion to a pending mountaineering sponsorshipWith Flip Flop Daily, anything is possible. 

The new creation is slated to hit stores in mid-Aprilto much anticipation. But you won’t be able to find them just anywhere, high-end US retailer, Nordstrom, has exclusive distribution rights for the first year of production with an option to extend for a second year after that. Nordstrom spokesperson, Ivanna Noihsaf, said; 

“We are incredibly honored to be the exclusive retailer for these revolutionary shoes-socks-gloves-flip flops. Initial indicators show that they will outperform the original Ugg boot when they first launched just over a decade ago.” 

With all of the pieces in place, Flip Flop Daily was left with the task of naming this new line of cutting-edge tech-fashion-footwear.

“After much thoughtful contemplation, we’ve decided on the perfect name that encompasses all that these shoe-sock-glove-flip flops represent. They will be called Sloof Lirpa” Said Flip and launches April 1st. 

Do Life Right,
– Flip & Flop