Flojos Jack review

Flojos Jack Review – We Are A Happy Family

Flojos Jack Review | The Flojos naming convention is a variation of that of the classic punk band The Ramones. There was Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone, Tommy Ramone and later Marky Ramone. Flojos has done nearly the same thing with the names of their various flip flops except the first name of each is Flojos. So far, Flip Flop Daily has met Flojos Alonzo and Flojos Ryan. Today we meet Flojos Jack.

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Rainbow Leather review

Rainbow Leather Flip Flop Review – Stick to the Singles

Rainbow Leather Review | Rainbow flipflops come with a lifetime guarantee. A few things come to mind when I read this; with my lifestyle – this isn’t much of a guarantee. If it’s digital I won’t care after six months, and it almost certainly will be out of style by the time it’s replaced.

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Aerusi flip flop review

Aerusi Women’s Braid Flip Flops – Simple Perfection

Aerusi Women’s Braid Flip Flops Review | Rummaging through my bag of flip flops, this pair caught my eye. Not going to lie, I felt that I was running out of flip flops with style points, so I was happily surprised to find this pair of Aerusi Women’s Braid flip flops. 

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Average Joe

Todaies – Average Joe

Average Joe Todaies Review | From my selection of flip flops to review, these stood out to me as the perfect pair for my pool-side endeavors. Their classy black and white stripes shot out simple, yet stylish vibes to passerby.

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Panama Jack review

Panama Jack – Heelys’ Greatest Competitor

Panama Jack Review | I would think to myself, “Without Heelys, I will never be that cool.” And while I may never be that cool, the Panama Jack Ladies Floral Low Wedge Comfort Flip Flop Beach Sandals definitely allowed me to glide across the floor without a hitch. One might even say I was more graceful than a swan on water.

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