Olukai Pikoi Review

OluKai Pikoi Review

Upon opening and trying on my OluKai Pikoi’s, I was not mad, just disappointed. After working my way through several pairs, I’ve come to appreciate the OluKai brand and was looking forward to another properly sized well-crafted set.

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Reef Voyage review

Reef Voyage Review – Home

I connected with these flip flops instantly. Slipping them on was nearly as significant a personal moment as that concert years ago with my future bride by my side.

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Rider Dunas II review

Rider Dunas II Review – The Sequel

In further service to their lummox aesthetic, the footbed is intentionally, but half-heartedly, lumpy. They look like they’ve got the mumps. In the end, the brand name, Rider, really says it all.

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