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Reef Surfer – Beach Bound

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I know that the Reef Surfer flip flops aren’t really made for and worn exclusively by surfers.

I get that that the image printed across the flip flops of a silhouette of a surfer shredding it on a curling wave is a bit over the top. But I don’t care. These flip flops don’t take themselves too seriously so neither will I.

They’re fun; in the same way that silicone can be fun.

You know they aren’t real but sometimes that’s ok.

Similarly, they’re nice to look at but feel a little unnatural when you make the first contact.

The ink used to print the sunny California surfer dude image makes for a very slick footbed. It’ll catch you off guard as they slip, almost completely off your feet, with the first step.

But once you know the risk it’s not such a big price to pay to be able to spend a few weeks on the beach in these fun-loving flip flops.

The rubber straps are a bit too loose and the best option when strolling along the beach; the water just rolls right off them.

They won’t absorb the sea and turn into sand magnets as you make your way from the shore to the beach-side bar.

The traction excels on the beach and pool-side.

Honestly, you really can’t expect much more from these good-time flip flops.

They’re not the flip flops you’d bring home to meet your parents but are exactly what you want from a bleached blonde, silicone enhanced, summer fling.

Flip Flop Verdict

icon review overall performance

Overall Performance — 4 out of 5

icon review occasion


Summer beach fling

icon review fit

Fit – 3

Not bad

icon review style

Style – 4

Fun in the same way that silicone can be fun

icon review traction

Traction – 4

Excels on the beach and pool-side

icon review comfort

Comfort – 4

Can’t expect much more from these good-time flip flops

icon review dudeness

Dudeness – 5

Surf, sun, beach, and artwork? Yes please.

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