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Hari Mari Nokona Review – Game Changed

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I wonder what it was like to be the best, or among the best, players in baseball before 1914? 

I imagine that they had a well-earned elevated sense of pride and accomplishment.

They were the best in the game after all. But then, in 1914 a 19-year-old juvenile delinquent, raised in a boy’s home after being given up by his parents at age 7, entered major league baseball. 

We’ve been talking about George “Babe” Ruth ever since. 

His impact was immediate. He led his first team, the Boston Red Socks, to three World Series championships in 1915, 1916, & 1918 before being traded to the New York Yankees where he led them to four more World Series Championships (1923, 1927, 1928, & 1932) and leaving behind a “curse” in Boston that would last 86 years.  

He changed the game forever, which is why he remains relevant more than a hundred years later. I can only imagine that the “best” players pre-Babe Ruth were left dumbfounded and humbled by his level of play. 

In the world of flip flops I suspect that the top flip flop brands, pre-2012, can relate to how those pro ball players felt.

2012 is the year hari mari arrived on the flip flop scene and, as Ruth did for baseball, they have changed the flip flop game forever. 

So, it is fitting that hari mari, the Babe Ruth of the flip flop industry, has partnered with Nokona, a premier American hand-crafted baseball glove company, to create a leather flip flop like none other.

The Nokona glove leather in the hari marai Nokona flip flop is the same top grain leather used in their handmade baseball gloves. The result is every bit as beautiful, comfortable, and durable as I dreamed it would be. 

These flops are comfortable off the shelf and only get better with wear. 

After just a few weeks of wear the Nokona baseball glove leather footbeds of my hari mari Nokona’s have molded comfortably to my feet. As with all hari mari flip flops, their signature memory foam toe post makes for an effortless break-in. These flops are comfortable off the shelf and only get better with wear.

The underside of the Nokona baseball leather strap is also lined with memory foam and adds a nice pop of color and comfort between the leather and the foot.

The fit is perfect with zero toe curl needed to keep these flips comfortably on my feet.  

Being hari mari creations, they possess a style aesthetic that is at once classic and modern – yesterday, today and tomorrow wrapped in an incredible flip flop. 

They look amazing, runway ready – if only that phrase wasn’t laden with the fashion designer baggage of nonsense, logos and insecurity. These flops are confidentAease on the beach, the ballpark, and on Broadway. 

After wearing these I see no need to try any other pair of leather flip flops – apart from maybe picking up a pair of the two other color finishes, “Walnut and Honey”, mine are the “Generation” finish.

These flip flops are proof again that hari mari has changed the game for the better.

I’ve not found another flip flop company yet that even comes close. Thank you hari mari.

Please keep ‘em coming!

Flip Flop Verdict

icon review overall performance

Overall Performance — 4.9 out of 5

icon review occasion


Beach, the ballpark, or Broadway. They work anywhere

icon review fit

Fit – 5

Like an old ball glove, nothing beats it

icon review style

Style – 5

Simultaneously classic and modern – runway ready

icon review traction

Traction – 4.5

Solid in both wet and dry

icon review comfort

Comfort – 5

Like a custom made baseball glove

icon review dudeness

Dudeness – 5

Babe Ruth was the “Dude” of his day, I’m certain he’d approve

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