Flip Flops for Christmas – Do Life Right

Flip Flops for Christmas – Do Life Right

This holiday season many Christmas mornings will begin with a few more empty seats around the Christmas tree than in years past. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, friends, and loved ones who were there last year in person and for years before that may not be, or at best are remote via Teams or Zoom or whichever such app we’ve all become much too familiar with this past year.

In prior years Grandpa might have played Santa, passing out the gifts from under the Christmas tree, while cousin Nora grumbled about yet another pair of socks for Christmas, and Uncle Frank snored on the sofa. These things just aren’t the same via a Zoom or Teams call, which means that this year, the holidays won’t be the same either.

“Flip flops for Christmas will force us to think about tomorrow.”

So, we’ll do what we’ve been doing all year long and make the best of the situation at hand. This doesn’t mean cancelling Christmas, not at all. It means that in order to Do Life Right we need to get creative. Which is why we here at Flip Flop Daily are here for you with a solution. No gift you give this year, to those you long to see, can better convey the hope, warmth, love, care and thought as the perfect pair of flip flops, chosen by you, specifically for them.

But wait, you might say. It’s winter for most of us and the thought of wearing flip flops would not normally cross our minds. There’s snow and ice and wind chill to consider after all. Yes, but that is today. In fact, lockdown for many of us has turned into one very long today. Flip flops for Christmas will force us to think about tomorrow. When winter and lockdown are a distant memory.

“Send the gift of hope, love, sun, sand and a brighter tomorrow: send flip flops.”

Flip flops for Christmas are a tangible glimpse of a hopeful tomorrow together with those we’ve come to miss much more than we knew we could. So, we encourage you to take the first step and Do Life Right. Send the gift of hope, love, sun, sand, and a brighter tomorrow: send flip flops.

As always, Flip Flop Daily is here to help you find that perfect pair of flip flops for your loved ones this Christmas. Heck, we’ve even started your list for you (you’re welcome). But don’t let the list limit you. We’ve reviewed scores of flip flops so check them out and send a pair today.

But don’t stop there, we’ve paired each flip flop reviewed with the perfect drink and song. So, send them a pair, put on your favorite flip flops, and start that Zoom call. With you in your flip flops and them in the flip flops you sent them for Christmas, put on the perfect song, mix that perfect drink, and enjoy your virtual time together while you talk of your tomorrows together, once both winter and lockdown have passed. Now you’re Doing Life Right.

Do Life Right – Send Flip Flops

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