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The Final 3 Candidates

Flip Flop of the Year 2020: The Final 3 Candidates

Hari Mari Flip flop of the year finalist

Olukai Flip flop of the year finalist

Tidal Flip flop of the year finalist

November 3 is almost here – the final day to vote for the 2020 Flip Flop of the Year! We are now down to the final three contenders: OluKai Ulele, Hari Mari Women’s Meadows, and Tidal NY Classic Women’s Pickle.   

Take another look at the finalists and listen to what their fans say about them.   

OluKai Ulele 

OluKai Ulele is currently the leading candidate with 47.9% of the total votes. It is the best OluKaiFlip Flop Daily has reviewed so far. We have tested and proven that the Ulele is not only comfortable but also dependable. Whether you are in the city, countryside, and of course, the beach – name the place and the Ulele is up to the task. The overall Flip Flop rating is 4.9,receiving a perfect score for fit, traction, comfort, and dudeness.   

“I’ve worn my Ulele for extended periods in a variety of places, and I’ve never had to worry about tripping, slipping or my feet hurting” Chris said.   

“The Ulele looks good and they get the job done. I have nothing to complain about, becausethey are an amazing pair of flip flops,” Tim said.  

Hari Mari Women’s Meadows  

The Hari Mari Women’s Meadows is not far behind at no. 2 with 30.7% of the total votes. Hari Mari was the winner of the Flip Flop of the Year award for the past two years for its Dunes and Peter x Millar flip flops. It would be no surprise if they once again take home the trophy this year. The Women’s Meadows speaks girl power. It is both feminine and tough. The overall Flip Flop rating is 4.7, and received perfect scores for style, comfort, and dudeness.  

“I feel confident wearing the Meadows flip flops. My feet look amazing in them, and this makes me feel great as well.” Julia said.   

“I love that they’re slim, feminine, and not bulky. I can match them with whatever I want to wear without feeling insecure about wearing flip flops, because they look awesome,” Patricia said.   

Tidal NY Classic Women’s Pickle  

Tidal NY Classic Women’s Pickle follows at no. 3 with just 8.4% of the total votes. Who knows if the tides will turn in their favor with less than 2 weeks left for flip flop fans to vote? The Women’s Pickle may appeal to a specific taste. They remind us of what basic flip flops are like with an added twist and character that allows them and anyone who wears them to stand out. TheWomen’s Classic Pickle’s overall Flip Flop rating is 3.9.  

“I am a city girl, but I love the sea, too. The Pickle lets me have both worlds. I embrace the city life, but I can still wear beach footwear and feel at home in this amazing city.” Cara said.  

“The Pickle complements my personality very well. I super love the color; it speaks to me and of me. They’re comfortable and not boring,” Emily shared.   

Which will be the 2020 Flip Flop of the Year?  

Every year Flip Flop Daily gives the Flip Flop of the Year Award to the flip flop that best represents the Flip Flop Life. The candidates are shortlisted based on which excelled in our flip flop review criteria. With the help of the Flip Flop Community, that is you, we decide which flip flops help you Do Life Right.   

The polls are open until November 3, 2020. Cast your vote now for the 2020 Flip Flop of the Year! All voters get a free cool Flip Flop Daily sticker and will be included in the draw to win your very own pair of the 2020 Flip Flop of the Year.