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Fitory #002 Flip Flop review

Fitory Model # 002 – Someone must be buying it

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Have you ever noticed the very wide array of quality, comfort, and performance among toilette paper brands?

I’m sure you have and I’m sure that very few of you opt for the low-end option.

Personally, I skew high end. I just don’t see the benefit of skimping.

But there must be some who just don’t care and op for the cheap and painful, sandpaper rough and tissue-thin stuff.

Why else would there be so many bad toilette paper options out there? Someone must be buying the stuff, right?

I use this analogy to illustrate the only reason that I can find for the existence of Fantiny flip flops. Folks just don’t treat themselves as well as they should.  

I suppose that they are flip flops in as much as a paper grocery bag is useful as toilette tissue.

The strap is too loose, the synthetic footbed is harsh and careless, and the treads are…there.

This is the flip flop I’d reach for if no other footwear option were available and if I were required to wear something on my feet, otherwise I’d go barefoot.

Flip Flop Verdict

icon review overall performance

Overall Performance — 1.4 out of 5

icon review occasion


When you just don’t care anymore

icon review fit

Fit – 1

Like bargain toilette paper

icon review style

Style – 2

It’s a flip flop, I guess.

icon review traction

Traction – 2

The treads are…there.

icon review comfort

Comfort – 1

This is dumb

icon review dudeness

Dudeness – 1

Rather go barefoot.

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