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hari mari dunes flip flop of the year

Flip Flop Daily’s FLIP FLOP OF THE YEAR – Hari Mari Dunes

And the flipflopdaily.com 2018 Flip Flop of the Year award goes to… 

… hari mari Dunes

Congratulations on this prestigious achievement! Of the dozens and dozens of flip flops that we reviewed in 2018, we here at flipflopdaily.com are honored to award this trophy to the passionate team at hari mari.

Their game-changing devotion to their craft and to the Flip Flop Life truly sets them apart.  

We’d also like to announce and congratulate Aviation Gin for winning the flipflopdaily.com 2018 Spirit of the Year Award!

Your gin exemplifies the Flip Flop Daily Do Life Right spirit and pairs perfectly with the Flip Flop Life.  

Congrats to both hari mari and Aviation Gin on this unique achievement! We will contact you shortly to coordinate the trophy presentation. 

Thank you all and we look forward to seeing what’s in store for 2019. 


hari mari dunes flip flop of the year