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Fanture Arch Support Flip Flop – Comfortably Numb

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This will be a very short review.

The Fanture Arch Support flip flops fit well enough, look ok, have reasonable traction, and are comfortable.

Yet, I feel nothing for them.

Nothing. I have stronger opinions about toilet paper brands, pencils, and toast.

To wear them is nothing more to me than to not be barefoot. I don’t hate them and I don’t love them, I can’t even say that I like or dislike them. It is a challenge to even bring myself to describe them.

Here it goes, they are flesh colored tan and entirely made of synthetic leather, except the toe post which is nylon.

They are likely made by the same folks responsible for a myriad of passionless “brands” that have names that seem authentic but on a second look aren’t.

We’ve reviewed at least one such “brand” so far, Fitory, and another, N(i)dengbao, seems suspiciously similar.

We’ve still got a couple more such “brands” that we need to get through. They all have similar “brand” names: Fanture, Fitory, and Fantiny.

Each comes in either a pencil pouch-like little zip topped plastic bag or a nylon mesh bag.

They are the creative equivalent of showing up for a college exam without a pencil, paper or any preparation whatsoever.

They just don’t care. Look up the brands, go ahead, check out their websites.

You’ll quickly discover that there aren’t any. These suckers don’t seem to exist, yet here they are.

These suckers don’t seem to exist, yet here they are.

If you need to not be barefoot these flips will fill that void, just don’t expect anything more. I fear that these flip flops represent a very stark and passionless future.

A future where people will confide in artificially intelligent “friends” built of complex algorithms designed to solve for “friend.”

In such a world we’ll have everything except authenticity, beauty, art, and humanity.

I, however, am an optimist and have faith in humankind. Though many will likely fall for the synthetic spell of such a world, that won’t be our final fate.

Humankind craves real connection, authentic community, and transcendent beauty.

This is just a passing phase. I say skip these – saving a few bucks in exchange for your soul is the devil’s bargain.

Flip Flop Verdict

icon review overall performance

Overall Performance — 1 out of 5

icon review occasion


A Brave New World

icon review fit

Fit – 1

Algorithmically acceptable

icon review style

Style – 1

Solve for “flip flop”

icon review traction

Traction – 1

These soles will take your soul

icon review comfort


Synthetically adequate

icon review dudeness

Dudeness – 1

The Dude is real. These aren’t.

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