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pairing N(i)dengbao

Seasick Review – N(i)dengbao Flip Flops

Even the strap is made of this material. Only the toe post is not, it is nylon. Everything else came directly from Nidengbao’s R&D lab. Could some of the writing on the label be a warning?

pairing harimari pier

Hari Mari Piers Review – Surf & Turf

Hari Mari has done it again. Flip flops tend to fall into one of two general categories. Fun or Fancy. Rarely does a flip flop easily cross over from one to the other. Fun flip flops tend to be made mostly of rubber and nylon and are geared for informal days of fun at the beach, lake or pool side.

Flojo Alonzo Review

Flojo Alonzo Review – They’re Fine

When a friend calls to tell me he bought a new car my mind runs through all the amazing possibilities. When I learn that it is a Camry my excitement holds – it doesn’t increase.

Nike Solay Thong Review

No Sweat – Nike Solay Thong Review

Their thin neon yellow straps reach far back from the toe post like a Major League Pitcher at the peak of his power position as he dishes up a 100-mph fastball.

Reef Surfer

Reef Surfer Review – Beach Bound

They’re not the flip flops you’d bring home to meet your parents but are exactly what you want from a bleached blonde, silicone enhanced, summer fling.