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Flojos Jayden Flip Flop Review

Flojos Jayden Flip Flop Review – Sweaty

Today we’re reviewing Flojos Jayden flip flops. Throughout the years we’ve reviewed several pair of Flojos flip flops. We’ve met Ryan, Alonzo, Messi, and Jack.

Flojos Messi review

Flojos Messi Review – Euro Cush

Flojos Messi Review | Flojos tends to produce solid, middle of the road, flip flops. Apart from their very unique original sandals their flip flops tend to blend in. There is nothing wrong with this of course, in fact, this often brings comfort in knowing that you’re getting a solid pair of flip flops that won’t draw a lot of attention. This is not the case with the Flojos Messi.

Flojos Jack review

Flojos Jack Review – We Are A Happy Family

Flojos Jack Review | The Flojos naming convention is a variation of that of the classic punk band The Ramones. There was Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone, Tommy Ramone and later Marky Ramone. Flojos has done nearly the same thing with the names of their various flip flops except the first name of each is Flojos. So far, Flip Flop Daily has met Flojos Alonzo and Flojos Ryan. Today we meet Flojos Jack.

flojos ryan

Flojos Ryan – The Buddy Flip Flop

This stuff is heavenly and pleasantly textured with a diamond pattern that keeps the foot from sliding around in both dry and wet conditions.